Health Resources

The following resources either come from direct recommendations from our patients or are tools that we as clinicians think may be helpful to you, our patient community. We do not exchange promotional referrals with other clinics.


A live-updated database for all of Canada! Look up wait times at nearby walk-in medical clinics to find faster access to care.

Not feeling well? Worried about a symptom? This interactive symptom checker tool can help you assess your symptoms and tell you what next step(s) to take.

This tool provides detailed information about how, and where, to find various health services in B.C., including abuse/victim support, health care facilities, mental health, substance use, public and environmental health, pregnancy and family planning, teens and young adults, children/families, seniors.

Find a Practitioner

The College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia’s RMT searchable database.

Massage therapists (also known as registered massage therapists or RMTs) assess the soft tissue and joints of the body. They treat and prevent physical dysfunction, injury, pain and disorders of soft tissue and joints of the body by manipulation, mobilization and other manual methods. They assess and treat patients for the purposes of developing, maintaining, rehabilitating or augmenting physical function, or relieving pain or promoting health.

Find a physiotherapist or a physio clinic in your area and make an appointment.

Physiotherapists (or physical therapists) treat the human body by physical or mechanical means, by manipulation, massage, exercise, the application of bandages, hydrotherapy and medical electricity, for the therapeutic purpose of maintaining or restoring function that has been impaired by injury or disease.

The Find a Chiro search engine provides a professional profile, including bio and clinic details, clinic hours of operation, languages spoken, techniques, and more for all members of the CCA who have agreed to share this information publicly. In the advanced search options you can also search by first name, last name, city, province and postal code.

Chiropractors may diagnose a disease, disorder or condition of the spine (including the coccyx) or other joints of the body and the associated tissue, and the nervous system. They can move a joint of the spine beyond the limits the body can voluntarily achieve but within the anatomical range of motion. They can assess ear and auditory symptoms, and apply X-rays. They can also get you a referral for an X-ray, CAT scan or MRI.

  • Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac.) - a registrant authorized to practise acupuncture.

  • Registered TCM Herbalist (R.TCM.H.) - a registrant authorized to prescribe, compound or dispense Chinese herbal medicine.

  • Registered TCM Practitioner (R.TCM.P.) - a registrant authorized to practise acupuncture; prescribe, compound or dispense Chinese herbal medicine.

  • Registered Doctor of TCM (Dr. TCM) - a registrant authorized to practise acupuncture; prescribe, compound or dispense Chinese herbal medicine. This registrant has met training/examination requirements at a higher level than registrants with the other titles.

Note: in addition to the above practitioners, in British Columbia, medical doctors, dentists, physiotherapists can also practise acupuncture in their role. Massage therapists and chiropractors require training outside of their profession in order to be able to practice it and cannot bill it as massage therapy or chiropractic treatment.

The Fraser Orthopaedic Institute is a team of six orthopaedic surgeons who provide specialized care in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves (musculoskeletal system). Their orthopaedic surgeons are all sub-speciality fellowship trained in areas of shoulder & elbow, hand & wrist, hip & knee, foot & ankle and sports medicine to offer comprehensive coverage in all aspects of orthopaedic health.

To get in, have your doctor refer you through MSP. Your doc will have to fax over the referral form ( along with an x-ray report.

The physician directory allows individuals to verify whether a physician is currently registered and licensed with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia, and provides information on a physician’s credentials and scope of practice. The data contained in the physician directory is dynamic, pushed in real time from the College register.

The British Columbia Podiatric Medical Association (BCPMA) is the body that represents or speaks for the doctors of podiatric medicine, DPM - otherwise known as podiatrists or foot doctors in B.C.

What do they do? Podiatrists prevent, treat, and palliate diseases, disorders and conditions of the foot, and the bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and other tissues of the lower leg that affect the foot or foot function (but must work with another medical practitioner if this treatment may affect the course of a systemic disease). They can make a diagnosis identifying, as the cause of signs or symptoms of the individual, a disease, disorder or condition of the foot or lower leg. They can perform a procedure on tissue below the dermis of the foot or lower leg, set or cast a fracture of a bone of the foot or lower leg, reduce a dislocation of a joint of the foot or lower leg, and administer intravenous fluids by injection. They can put an instrument or a device, hand or finger into an artificial opening into the body for the purpose of arthroscopic surgery of the ankle. They can prescribe, compound, dispense and administer by any means a drug specified in Schedule I or II of the Drug Schedules Regulation, B.C. Reg. 9/98. They can conduct challenge testing for allergies . They can refer out for an X-ray, CAT scan, ultrasound, or MRI. They can apply laser, for the purpose of cutting or destroying tissue or X-rays, for diagnostic or imaging purposes .

Searchable database of registered clinical counsellors (RCCs). BC’s RCCs have a minimum of a Master’s Degree in a variety of areas such as psychology or social work. Many have additional training in their specific area of practice. They have also satisfied the BCACC’s clinical supervision requirements that are criteria of membership.

Searchable database of registered psychologists. The current, general entry standard for registration or licensure as a psychologist, both in British Columbia and with the majority of North American licensing boards, is a doctoral degree (e.g., Ph.D.) in psychology as well as extensive supervised practice experience in the form of practica and a full time 12-month internship.  Following their bachelor’s degree, psychologists complete, on average, 6 years of graduate level education in order to obtain a doctoral degree in psychology.


BC Cancer helps those living with or affected by cancer to cope with the physical, practical, emotional and psychological aspects of their care.

Individualized physical therapy based on the Schroth Method principles for kids, teens, and adults with Scoliosis or Scheuermann’s Kyphosis

If you're living with pain, it's important to have the right support. Search this database to find help in your community including courses and workshops for people in pain, pain support groups and other pain management groups, pain clinics, and health care providers who have completed pain management training at accredited institutions.

With lupus, the immune system can attack any organ in the body and if left untreated, it can be fatal.  Symptoms include extreme fatigue, fever, skin rashes, sun sensitivity, or persistent flu-like symptoms with blood abnormalities. Lupus often goes undetected. If in doubt, ask your doctor to run an ANA test.

Check this out if: You have a strong urge to move your legs (sometimes arms and trunk), usually accompanied or caused by uncomfortable sensations in the legs; Your symptoms begin or become worse when you are resting or inactive, such as when lying down or sitting; Your symptoms get better when you move, such as when you walk or stretch, at least as long as the activity continues; Your symptoms are worse in the evening or night than during the day, or only occur in the evening or nighttime hours.

A division of BC Women’s Hospital & Health Centre, the Centre for Pelvic Pain & Endometriosis offers an interdisciplinary approach to chronic pelvic pain that includes a combination of pain education workshops, pelvic floor physiotherapy, clinical counselling, medical management and surgery (including advanced excisional laparoscopic surgery). They regularly conduct their own research on pelvic pain and endometriosis, ensuring that the care they provide is the most advanced, effective, and evidence-based care that exists. They help women with chronic pelvic pain find a diagnosis, get started on treatment and improve their quality of life, function, and well-being.

The Endometriosis Network Canada (TENC) is the only organization in Canada dedicated to providing education, support and awareness, to those living with endometriosis nationally. TENC was incorporated as a not-for-profit in November, 2012 by a group of people with endometriosis, who met through a Toronto-based endometriosis in person support group. 

Fibromyalgia warning signs: stiffness, especially in the morning, and pain in muscles and joints all over the body; trouble sleeping at night and a feeling of being very tired all the time; numbness in muscles and joints; poor memory and concentration; other signs may include depression, tension, migraine headaches and pain in the jaw.

Muscular Dystrophy Canada’s mission is to enhance the lives of those affected with neuromuscular disorders by continually working to provide ongoing support and resources while relentlessly searching for a cure through well funded research.

Detailed information to help support you in your journey with arthritis, including how to find a doctor, accessing medications, learning to advocate, finding care and a helpline. There are online courses on mental health, fatigue, chronic pain management and more.

The Future is Mine – Adult Burn Survivor Program has a variety of social, support and educational programming – typically several events each month are scheduled throughout the Lower Mainland and Province.

A charitable organization that support people affected by lung conditions; provides patient support and education, and funds research for new treatments and cures.

A charitable, volunteer-run organization that aims to help support, educate, and ultimately better the lives of individuals with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and those who care for them. 

Eating Disorders Anonymous (EDA) is a fellowship of individuals who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problems and help others to recover from their eating disorders.


The schedules in this link list vaccines provided free to residents of B.C., and can help you determine when you or your family needs to be immunized.

If you’re not sure where to start with your issue, dial 811 (or 711 if you are hearing-impaired) to get in touch with a health service navigator. They can help you find health information or health services in your area, or connect you with a nurse, dietitian, pharmacist, or exercise professional.