Policies & Rates

Treatment Rates

Each therapist offers various treatments/times. Please visit our staff page for more information.

  • 30 minutes $65 ($61.90 + GST)

  • 45 minutes $95 ($90.48 + GST)

  • 60 minutes $115 ($109.52 + GST)

  • 75 minutes $135 ($128.57 + GST)

  • 90 minutes $165 ($157.14 + GST)

  • Hot stone massage can be incorporated as well by Desiree


We accept all major credit cards. Most therapists accept debit (visit staff page for more info) and cash. Paul and Joanna accept bitcoin.

Direct Billing

All of our therapists direct bill Pacific Blue Cross. Joanna direct bills other providers (see Staff page), but you pay her up front, she submits for you, and your insurer will send you a cheque or direct deposit. Make sure to contact your insurer regarding your coverage, since each plan varies: some require a physician’s referral while others may have a deductible that is even greater than the cost of our treatments. Insurers only release this information to plan members so before you book please give them a call or read through your policy if you have access to it in print.

Our therapists do not treat WCB cases (we are not registered with them, and with WCB the only way to get massage is to go through an RMT who direct bills them). We do not direct bill ICBC cases.

Ancillary Goods and Services

All prices include tax.

$5 - Consent form

$30 for first 20 pages + $0.25 for each additional page - Transfer of records

$115/h - Medical/legal report (where fees are not government-regulated)

$115/h - Review of records (copying, transfer, for court testimony)

$115/h - Review and court preparation time

$480 - Half day court appearance, corporate outcalls, or labour support

$920 - Full day court appearance, corporate outcalls, or labour support


Please fill out our online intake form before you come in so as not to cut into your treatment time.

Cancellations with less than 24 hours' notice will result in the full charge of the appointment fee. If you book an appointment within the 24-hour time frame, the policy is in effect right away.

Inappropriate behaviour: If a patient behaves in a sexualizing, abusive, or otherwise inappropriate way, the RMT shall terminate treatment. We do not tolerate behaviour involving actions, gestures, or words that are unwanted by the recipient or could reasonably be perceived to be the cause of another person’s or persons’ distress or discomfort. This unacceptable behaviour may be subtle/overt, and may take the form of a phone call, email, in writing, or in person. Examples of inappropriate behaviour include sexual comments, inappropriate personal questions, or touching your RMT. A good guideline to follow when speaking with your RMT is to maintain a distance of 1.5-2 metres (4-6 feet) from them. Please wait until your RMT has left the room to dress/undress, even if you don’t care who sees you undress: we like you but we’d still like to maintain that boundary for our own comfort and liability. If the patient does not have a medical problem that causes impaired judgement (i.e. they are deemed “competent”), they may also be legally prosecuted for inappropriate behaviour.

When you arrive at our building, buzz your therapist (room schedule is on the sign beside intercom) and they will let you in. You may use the bathroom down the hall or grab a seat in the waiting area while you wait for them to finish up with their last patient. Your RMT will take you into their treatment room and go over your health history form, massage preferences, as well as your assessment/treatment plan.

Your RMT will then leave the room to allow you to undress. We find that most people undress to their underwear (women usually remove their bras), some remove all clothing, and others prefer keeping more clothing on (e.g., pants and/or socks on if they run very cold) — it is entirely up to you, your comfort level, and which areas you would like massaged skin-to-skin. You will then cover yourself with the flat linen sheet and blanket, lying on your stomach with your face in the head rest unless your therapist advises otherwise. Once the therapist comes back and knocks, let them know loudly and clearly if you are ready for them to come in.

During the treatment, you may let the therapist know at any point if you need the table temperature or massage pressure adjusted. Your RMT will only undrape the area that they are treating, and you may stop or change the treatment at any point.

Once the treatment is over, the therapist will leave the room to allow you to dress in private (even if you are comfortable getting up and dressing with us there, we are not and prefer having that boundary in place with you). If you have low blood pressure or a history of feeling faint or fainting, take a few moments in a seated position before you stand up. When you’re ready, open the door to signal to your RMT to come back. They will then go over any required follow-up. Feel free to ask your therapist any additional questions you may have at this point. You may also rehydrate to replenish any fluids lost during the massage.

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